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Crack the Sellers Code

Did you know that most people spend more time deciding what make and model of TV to buy than they do deciding which house to buy?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and yet most of us make this decision based purely on emotions. And sellers rely on this! Why do you think there are so many home makeover shows on TV? Everybody is trying to gussy up their houses so you don't notice the flaws.

When you go househunting, you need to go armed - armed so that you don't fall head over heels in love with a place and forget to check out everything you need to know so you can pay a realistic price for the house.


Seed Sow Grow Planting Guide

The Seed Sow Grow Guide is a simple, easy to use guide to what to plant when, how to care for your plants, and when and how to harvest. All in one place, and always available on your desktop.

No - it's not a big fancy book to flip through once, then put away to gather dust on a bookshelf! The Seed Sow Grow Guide is an interactive application that sits on your PC - ready whenever you need it. Portable, printable, and easy to use.....

Please note, clicking on the link below will direct you to a new website - Seed Sow Grow.


Frangipani Symptoms & Solutions

Great information to help you troubleshoot problems with your frangipani, with thanks to All Things Frangipani.


Growing & Propagating Fragipanis

Great information to help you grow and propagate your frangipani, with thanks to All Things Frangipani.