Business Clipart Bundle


Are You Tired of Searching The Internet For Decent Business Graphics?

Do You Or Your Staff Waste Time Creating Fancy Bullets, Buy It Now Buttons, And Other Graphics For Your Web Site?

Well, You've Come To The Right Place! We Have A Fantastic ClipArt Bundle With All The Graphics You Could Ever Need For Under Ten Bucks!

We all know that success in selling has a great deal to do with product presentation. And in our business, that means your website as well as your product. But it's not so easy to find quality graphics online.


Just try Googling "order now button" on Google Images - go on - try it! There's a whole lot of cr*p out there...... And you don't want to be wasting your time (or your staff's time) searching the Internet every time you need a new bullet icon or graphic for a new product or web page. And then there's copyright infringement! You can never be absolutely sure that an image or icon is copyright free.

And I don't know about you, find I find those free clipart sites to be less than useful (there's a lot of poor quality clipart about). And so much of it is not related to doing business!

That's why this Business ClipArt Collection is so useful. I use it constantly myself (and that's the best product recommendation I can give!). And the graphics are all related to doing business. There are graphics for people (like the two images above), computers and the Internet, Order Now graphics, Sale graphics, Discount graphics, Download graphics, Guarantee graphics, Customer Service graphics and many more (see details below). Over 1600 graphics in all.Business Clipart Collection

And by the way, the word "ClipArt" is quite a misnomer - this collection contains bullets, line separators, clipart, icons, graphics and images!

This clipart collection is priced to sell, and, best of all, there is a 30 days money back guarantee. If you don't think this Collection is worth the Ten Bucks, just send it back to us here at Go For Broke - Do It Yourself, and we'll refund your money.

Wishing you much success,

So - What's included in the Clipart Collection?



There are over 270 different bullets you can use on your web page, in almost every shade, and with matching line separators (see the blue one at left and the pink one below).

There are balls, marbles, crosses, arrows, castanets, and stars.

There are tick boxes and crosses, and large button templates.

Buy Now / Order Now


We have 49 eye catching Call to Action buttons - there is sure to be one to suit your needs.

Includes Credit Card Images, Secure Online Ordering, and Order & Download buttons.



We have 19 images for bonuses including Free Bonus, Limited Time Bonus and multiple bonuses.

Free Trial


And we have over 60 images for Free Trials, Free Demo's, Free Downloads, and Online Demo's.



Images of people liven up your web page.

We have over 170 images available, including happy, serious, shocked, frustrated, angry, surprised and happy.

We also have group shots and handshake shots.



If you offer any sort of guarantee with your product, then we have the image to match it.

30 Days, 60 Days and 90 Days, Money Back Guarantee, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, Low Price Guarantee - we have them all.

Customer Service & Support


Got support for your product or service? Then we have the graphic to match.

From FAQ images to HelpDesk, Technical Support, and Call Centre images, there's sure to be one suitable for your service or product.

Contact Us


We also have graphics so your customers know how to contact you.

From envelopes to Email icons to Email buttons.

On Sale!!


38 great Sale graphics including On Sale, Sale and Special Offer, Limited Time Offer.



Also included are 12 Discount images.

Financial Images


We have 60 different graphics relating to money including Cash, people holding Cash, Credit Cards, Sales Graphs trending upwards, and Coins.



If your product or service is related in any way to computers, the Internet, or software, then you'll need some quality computer graphics.

We have 88 graphics in all.



Do you have items available for download on your website?

If so, then we have 29 different download graphics in this collection.



There are almost 550 icons included in the collection.

The icons include standard Internet and Computer icons (such as Linux, Windows, MP3), as well as emoticons, ticks and crosses, PC icons (such as Find, Error, Warning), and many more ....



And 43 miscellaneous images including Free Shipping, Extra! Special Offer and Important Message.



We also have 12 different graphics for "New" such as New Titles, New Product, etc,

That's over 1600 images, and all for the unbelievably low price of

money back guarantee

And, of course, it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. So, what are you waiting for ....

Buy Business ClipArt Bundle


But Wait ....... There's a FREE Bonus

For a limited time only, as a FREE bonus we are also including over 300 advertising banner templates in all sizes, from 468 x 60 to skyscraper banners (120 x 600), and everything in between.

You'll get 17 banners measuring 88 by 31 pixels which are very useful as buttons (like so ...)120 by 600 banner

88 by 31 banner

120 by 60 banner

There are 47 banners at 120 by 60 pixels (see left), and on the right hand side of this page there is an example of one of the 35 banners at 120 by 600 pixels.

125 by 125 banner There are also 59 banners at 125 by 125 pixels
480 by 60 banner And over 180 banners measuring 480 by 60 pixels.

And as you can see, they come in consistent themes

Buy Business ClipArt Bundle

And Another Bonus!!

12 Quality Menu Bars for your Website

We're throwing in 12 quality menu bar graphics suitable for using on your website.

These menu bars are 926 by 77 pixels, but can be resized to any size and still look good!

Check out the example below:

sample menu bar

And there's a great range of colours: red, pink, orange, beige (above), rust brown, maroon, aqua, blue, greem, olive green, yellow and purple.


And Yet Another Bonus!!

You Get Resale Rights For This ClipArt Bundle, Along with 2 Professional Quality Sales Pages!

Not only will you get resale rights for this huge collection of Business ClipArt, but we will give you - not 1, but 2 - professional quality sales pages you can use immediately to start selling this product. You choose which sales page you want to use - or use them both!

So, For $9.95 You Get.....

  • The complete ClipArt bundle with over 1600 quality graphics
  • Bonus Number 1 - the Banner Collection of over 340 banners in various sizes and themes
  • Bonus Number 2 - Resale Rights for the entire collection PLUS 2 professional quality sales pages so you can start selling this collection immediately!

all for the amazingly low price of:

money back guarantee

And, don't forget our 30 day money back guarantee. So, what are you waiting for ....

Buy Business ClipArt Bundle